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        1. Hotline



          Celebrate "Olympic Games" Workers' Games was held

          On the occasion of May 1st Labor Day and May 4th Youth Day, the Spring Fun Talent Games of our factory was successfully held on May 4, and with the joint efforts of all the athletes, coaches, referees and staff, the project was successfully completed The curtain fell. The atmosphere of the Games warm, orderly, fully reflects the good spirit of the entire plant workers, a factory workers to become a successful review of physical fitness.

          This year marks the 94th anniversary of the May Fourth Movement. The holding of this Games by our factory is not only a commemoration of the great May 4th Movement, but also hopes that the general staff and workers will be able to set off a trend of learning the May 4th Patriotic Movement. In the new historical period, Meet the challenge and contribute our own strength to the construction of Chinese characteristic society.