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          Oriental Silk Market: White Cloth Volume Sales Continue to Shrink Winter fabric sales declined slightly

          Lining: This week (December 24 - 30), lining the market is still in a weak market finishing stage, the market shows the helplessness of the market in the off-season, the lining of white fabric turnover continued to shrink. Prices: Other plain weaving products offer stable, but the actual transaction prices were "sell let down" situation. For example, the market supply of polyester taffeta 290T increased, the price dropped. The market prices of 170T, 180T and 190T polyester taffeta were stable this week with prices of 1.20 yuan / m, 1.30 yuan / m and 1.40 yuan / m respectively, Compared with flat; imitation Taft price is unchanged compared with last week. Water spray beautiful silk, Shu Mei silk, twill volume in the week also have varying degrees of decline, the price trend changed little. Five satin and satin products, which were favored by downstream manufacturers this week due to the consumption of bedding and fabric products, showed an increase in volume in the market, driving the sales volume of FDY of its upstream raw materials to 50D and 75D, but five satin products Fierce price competition, take the initiative to sell prices. Jacquard lining materials, especially black silk sales in this week is acceptable, merchants from Haining region to buy, mainly for leather, luggage and other production required. At present, the entire market situation in Lining, the New Year's Day next week coincides with the volume of transactions is difficult to upgrade, the price trend to adjust the main.