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        1. Hotline



          Staff training - the source of strength for the sustainable development of enterprises

          In order to improve the occupational ability of employees and enhance their market competitive advantages, our factory staff attended a professional training program at Xuzhou Security Vocational and Technical School on May 10, a total of more than 100 people participated in this batch.

          Vice president Yan of the security school conducted a detailed explanation on the value concept of the company's corporate culture and the promotion of the personal qualities of the employees, and gave a detailed explanation on the six mentality of how to practice the quality of "paying, responsibility, dedication, cooperation, active learning" Proverbs 12 words were elaborated. The training not only allows employees to attach importance to enhance the quality of individuals, but also to understand the staff teamwork, teamwork and safety, the importance of caring for life!

          Through training, employees not only enhance their sense of company culture and work sense of responsibility, but also have a great significance to new employees in adapting to positions, changing roles and enhancing their ability more quickly. The staff members said that this training is well organized, diverse in form and content, and the lectures are close to the actual work. It is necessary to hold this training. In the future work, we should actively integrate into the large family of the company, inherit and carry forward the fine tradition of the company, strive to practice and promote the corporate culture, base ourselves on our own work and pragmatic work, and contribute our efforts to realize the steady, rapid and sustainable development of the company .