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        1. Hotline



          Weaving market: gray cloth to digest the inventory of individual cotton cloth prices down

          In the past week (Dec. 18-24, Dec.), patrons visiting the fabrics started to decrease while their turnover was small. The average daily turnover decreased by about 30,000 meters. The dealers mainly focused on digesting their inventories. Except for the price reduction of individual whole cotton cloths, The entire price to a stable tone-based.

          From the species perspective, C 40x40 133x72 63 "twill trading is quite active, and 21x21 108x58 yarn card sales larger, the price is relatively stable; cotton combed anti-fabric has recently increased shipments, of which 40x40 133x100 47" / 63 " Especially the sale of leisure, suitable for making leisure feather and jacket fabrics.Cotton denim sales slightly lower this week.Plastic cotton canvas quite good sales .In addition to cotton corduroy thin strips (21) and the mother of the wick with sales, the main local For children's wear business production trousers, other corduroy volume decline compared with the previous trend.Cotton flannel trading more active, but the price is quite stable .Mlastic ammonia elastic cloth sales are still tepid, but some adapt to the spring fabric Appearances, like people in an endless stream .Finished sheets of linen and quilts are optimistic about the recent sales .Textile cotton except silk, twill category sales, other sales potential flat .Cotton sales are still small, little change in price, compared to Next, a rayon stretch Grosgrain has the dynamic sales amplification.In addition, the recent part of yarn-dyed plaid debut one after another, but not trading volume, yarn-dyed plaid fabric is still available in the market is not expected next week, cotton will likely continue the amount Price level.